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Leverage our rich Event Graph data to identify and assess the events that are right for you to engage with.

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Event Graph™

The Event Graph™

Airfinity’s proprietary Event Graph™ technology ingests and processes large amounts of event, attendee, company and sponsor data to establish and understand the previously hidden relationships between all these entities over time and unlock valuable insights.

Contact us to learn more about the Event Graph™ and how it can fuel your event activities.

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The Product

Event Marketing
With Better Data

Event marketing is the cornerstone of most B2B marketing programs.

The total event spend for a global company can run in the hundreds of millions. Why? Because professional events are a powerful way to meet and engage potential customers, partners and employees. There are millions of events out there and choosing events to engage with can be difficult.

Using multiple set of data sources we’re building the world’s first comprehensive Event Graph™. Airfinity’s technology analyses events, their audiences and sponsors. Using proprietary predictive analytics tools, this empowers companies to find exactly the right event and radically improve their event performance.

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Our services

Curated Event Lists

Get a customized list of events to structure your marketing program around with details about each event.

  • Which events does your target group attend?
    (Eg.. Target by job title, company, industry and more)
  • Get a list of events to fit into your marketing program
  • Analyse the quality of your events

New Event Subscription

Subscribe to an event alert. Be noticed about new events.

  • Which events are trending in your industry?
  • Where do top influencers go?
  • Which events do your competitors attend?

Event Marketing evaluation

Get a customized evaluation of your past event marketing activity.

  • Which events are trending in your industry?
  • Compare the performance of own events against sponsored?
  • What was the quality of the audiences of the events we have sponsored?

Map Your Event Activity

Customized comprehensive overview of your company’s event activities. 

  • Complete overview of your company’s event activity
  • How much did your company spend on events?
  • Recommended ways to optimise event activities?

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Who are we

About Airfinity

Airfinity is the data-driven event platform that allows companies to better find, assess and engage with events.

The platform builds on the proprietary Event Graph™ that uses a large set of data sources to map hundred thousand of events, their attendees, sponsors and digital footprint. The data points is the basis for a quality score for each event.

For events, the platform gives advanced audience insights and ultimately new monitization opportunities.

Airfinity has been set up by global branding expert Rasmus Bech Hansen and serial adtech entrepreneur Sacha Carton. Our ambition is to fuel a next-generation of events that will strengthen and inspire the communities they serve.

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